Preparing Your Home for a Winter Open House

Winter Open House

Need some ideas for staging your home for a winter open house? Read on for tips!

Winter is a great time to be at home and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, but you are more focused on selling your home than relaxing in it! Hosting a great winter open house can be a little tricky with the hectic nature of the holiday season, but here are some tips to help make your winter open house a huge success.

Safety First

First things first, make sure that the weather is appropriate for your open house and work extra to make the area around your home safe. If there are any sidewalks or pathways up to your home or near areas that guests will park, make sure that they are completely clear of snow, ice, or any debris. Consider adding solar lights along the pathways to help make sure that guests don’t slip and fall on any patches of ground. Remove all of the icicles from areas that guests might encounter and try to shake the snow off any trees they will be standing under, as you don’t want them to have to walk around soggy and grumpy during your winter open house.

Lightly Decorate for the Holidays

Obviously, especially if you are living in your home during the sale, it’s okay to have some holiday decorations up for your winter open house. They can make a home look festive and help buyers to imagine themselves spending the holidays there next year. However, make sure that you are not running the risk of turning anyone off with the…enthusiasm of your décor. Choose minimal and tasteful decorations that add to the beauty of your home instead of covering it up.

Warm It Up

This tip especially applies if you are not currently living in the home at the time of your winter open house—turn up the heat! If guests do not feel warm or welcome in the home, they will not want to stay very long. Beyond being cold, they might even question the capabilities of the heating system. Keeping the home warm (literally) and inviting is a great way to ensure guests are paying attention to the home and not their teeth chattering.

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