Problems You Can Avoid with a Property Management Company

property management

A good property management company will ensure your property is well maintained.

When you have planned, prepared, scheduled and organized everything relating to your business to work like a highly functioning machine, the last thing you need is unnecessary and unexpected pitfalls with a tenant or others. By hiring an experienced and professional property management company, you can avoid a number of the common problems listed below.

Communication Breakdown  

It’s no secret that moving into a new place is an exciting, stressful, and nerve-wracking time. A lot has to be done in a short period of time, and even more is changing. When a tenant moves it is usual for them to have a lot of questions, and to regularly call or email you. If you are not available to them, this will put a bad taste in their mouth and sour your relationship with them. A professional property management company takes care of them and you, making sure that owning your properties is stress-free.

Ineffective Or No Tenant Screening

It is often the case with property owners that 25% of the tenants cause 75% of the problems. Even with the majority of your properties occupied by respectful and clean tenants who pay on time, you may find yourself feeling swamped by the small number of unruly occupants. Effective and strict screenings carried out by a property management company will ensure that every tenant passes credit and employment checks, and has the proper credit history, rental history, and references.  

Lack Of Routine Maintenance And Inspections

Waiting until things are broken to fix them is the best way to ensure unhappy tenants and multiplied costs. Preventative maintenance not only impresses tenants and makes them feel like you are invested in making your property feel like their home, but can save you thousands. Choosing smart upkeep over letting things fall into disrepair until they demand invasive and expensive full replacement is just good business. It is also key to the start of leasing on the right footing by making sure that everything in your property is in working order and up to date before you let any tenants move in. A property management company can take care of all of checking to make sure everything is in working order for you.

Property Management with Clagett Enterprises

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