Nine Things You Should Know Before Selling Your House

Things to know before selling your house

There are some thing you should know before putting your home on the market.

When it comes to selling your house, there is a lot to do. It can all seem overwhelming, and especially difficult to stand out in the current market in the right ways. If want to make selling your house a breeze, keep these nine tips in mind.

Neutral Walls Are A Must

Neutral walls have a universal appeal and provide a blank canvas which inspires homeowners and puts them at ease. Stark white or black walls or walls in an unusual color might not be to everyone’s tastes and can even turn off potential homebuyers.

Decluttering Involves More Than You Think

Depending on your house, this could mean doing some tidying up, or even getting rid of most of your furniture in order to make a space feel bigger and more inviting. Remember, you want a welcoming blank slate, not an overwhelmingly cluttered mess.

It’s No Longer Your Home

The key is to make potential homebuyers already see the home as theirs through clever staging, not bombard them with your personal knick knacks and vacation snapshots. All of these must go.

Take A Hard Look At Your Walls

Beneath the clutter, there is a good chance they are scratched, damaged, and full of nail holes. Use putty to fill them in before listing your home on the market.

Large Items Can Be Harder To Get Out Than They Were To Get In

You may end up having to take apart large sofas or tables you got into your home in one piece in several pieces. This is something that has happened to almost everyone who has moved at some point.

Some Cleaning Projects Will Be Harder Than You Think

If you have lived in a home for a number of years, there are probably certain things in disrepair which have become comforting and familiar to you. If you have gone years without cleaning a handrail or shining a faucet, this may prove difficult to do, but is necessary.

Be Prepared To Fix Everything

Even small problems that don’t bother you much and don’t really change the way a person can live comfortably in a house can put off potential buyers. Be prepared to correct even the small details.  

Everything Will Take Longer Than You Expect  

The more you fix the more you will discover needs to be fixed, and it is very likely you have a lot more stuff than you even realize. Do not be discouraged or surprised or upset if the process of preparing for selling your house is more involved than you thought.

The House Won’t Stay Clean  

Even after going through all of this, constant showings with people running in and out will take a toll on your home. Be prepared for this.

Selling Your House With Clagett Enterprises

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