Is a Property Management Company Right for You?

property management for you

A property manager can take the weight of being a landlord off of your shoulder.

You’ve heard about the benefits of working with a property management company. Rent collection is easier, they can handle maintenance and upkeep, they’ll find high quality tenants, and they will generally make your job as a property owner easier. It can be intimidating to place the health of your property and the happiness of your tenants in the hands of a property management company, but for some people, it is a life changing solution to many problems.

Do you have multiple properties?

When you only have one property to keep an eye on, your task is tough, but when you have several, it’s practically a full time job. Instead of managing a multitude of tasks, a handful of different clients, and having to juggle properties, you could hand the reins to a property management company. Instead of one person working with many properties, you’ll have a team behind you, making sure that all aspects of property management are covered.

Do you have time?

When you have a full time job and a family, you can’t always drop what you’re doing to handle a maintenance issue at your rental property. It can be incredibly difficult to adopt a hands-on approach to managing your property and working with tenants when you have to manage your own life on top of it. If you don’t live particularly close to your rental property, working out timing can become even more difficult. For a property manager, keeping track of your rental is their day job.

Are you overwhelmed with tasks?

Sometimes being a landlord is a simple job. Your property is in good shape, your tenants are great, rent payment is always prompt, and everything goes smoothly. Other times it seems as if everything is broken, you can’t get a hold of your tenants, and issues are piling up. During tough times, a property management company will know just what to do, and your problems will be resolved quickly and successfully.

Clagett Enterprises

At Clagett Enterprises, we have extensive experience serving the greater Frederick area and Western Maryland, since 1987. Our team is a full service real estate company that’s ready to help you with your property management preventive maintenance needs. Speak with a Clagett professional at 301-665-6009, or request a proposal for preventive maintenance here. Make sure to connect with us on FacebookTwitter,Google+Pinterest and YouTube.



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