Residential Sales Tips: Focus on your Frederick Landscape

residential sales and landscapes

When it comes to residential sales, a beautiful landscape can make a world of difference.

When it comes to residential sales in Frederick, landscaping is important. Many people focus on getting the inside of their home up to par before they put it on the sales market. Kitchens and bathrooms are key selling points, but so are landscapes. A beautiful yard that impresses a potential buyer can have a major impact on the speed with which your residential sale goes through. In fact, having a nice landscape can increase your residential property’s value by up to 28 percent. If you’re looking for a way to increase the value of your home, and give yourself the best chance at making a great sale, consider giving your landscape a few upgrades.

Add Trees for Shade and Beauty

When you add trees to your home, you aren’t just boosting the value of your home; you’re boosting the value of the homes that surround you as well. A mature and healthy tree provides excellent shade, and can even help keep your home warmer when winter rolls around. Be sure that when you have trees planted, you stick with local species, and make sure they are healthy. If you live in a treeless area, be sure not to create a dense forest around your home. It’s important that your planting habits are proportional to the area in which your home is located.

Stick with Indigenous Plants

Your Frederick, Maryland home will be best served by plants that are native to the area. Growing a thriving and beautiful garden can be a challenge and involve plenty of work. While this looks great, potential homebuyers might be worried about the upkeep and the money they will have to spend. By choosing indigenous plant species, you’ll save money on your purchases, and you’ll have an easier time maintaining them. They already know how to survive in an environment like Frederick, so they won’t need you to coax them into existence.

Light up your Landscape

Outdoor lighting consistently ranks among the most desirable traits in a potential new home. A well lit outdoor space is functional both during the day, and at night. Guests won’t have to worry about tripping, you’ll always be able to enjoy your beautiful plants and flowers, and you increase the safety of your entire property by warding off intruders.

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