Retail Store Security Tips


Retail Store Security Tips

Protect your retail properties with the best security measures.

Investors, owners, and property managers are dealing with unprecedented circumstances with their commercial properties, and retail stores are taking a hit across the country in current events. No matter what season commercial properties find themselves in, one must take appropriate measures to maintain a secure system to prevent and reduce damage from internal and external threats. Below are some general retail store security tips to consider for your commercial real estate.

Install a Surveillance System

A sound retail store security system includes surveillance measures. Cameras, mirrors, alarms, and other appropriate equipment help monitor areas 24/7 and can catch a culprit during and after a theft. If your commercial property has this in place for your tenants, your unit’s value will increase. Your tenants can also enjoy the safety of properly-secured retail premises.

Use Access Control

Access control is another way to monitor and bar anyone from stealing or damaging retail inventory. Access control is most pertinent to the staff-only areas like stock rooms, offices, and break rooms. Keep these areas locked at the end of every day, or have a code that only employees know to get inside. 

Prevent Employee Theft

Employee thievery is unfortunately another type of damage retail owners must look out for. The way to prevent it is to hire good candidates from the start, a challenge in itself. Perform background checks to ensure no one has a history of theft or vandalism. While your employees are with you, the best way to prevent internal damage is to treat them well. Satisfied workers are less likely to steal from their employers.

Commercial real estate owners or managers can achieve a higher chance of having well-run properties if one chooses the right sort of tenants. Have a vision for the type of establishment you’d like for the retail center and make sure your prospective tenants check off all the boxes.

Have Cybersecurity

Computers are woven into the fabric of commercial properties today. Security systems and inventory rely on them for management, and need cybersecurity to prevent hacking and theft. This precious source of information is worth protecting with the right security measures. 

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