Landlord and Property Manager: What’s the Difference?

Landlord and Property Manager: What’s the Difference?

Renting from a landlord or a property manager has its differences. Which is right for you?

When looking for a place to rent, one has a world of possibilities open to him. The type of building, the amenities, the location, and more are all at one’s front door of life. One of the most critical questions a future tenant can ask is about who manages the property and how. This fact can make a bigger difference than one might expect. Here’s what to know about renting from a landlord vs. a property manager.


A landlord is the owner of the rental property, which could be a private house or an apartment complex. If it is an apartment building, it is more likely to be on the smaller end, with fewer units. A landlord may have other tasks besides managing the rental, like a day job, but you are more likely to have a personal relationship with your landlord, since it is a smaller-scale operation.

Landlords and property managers both strive for competitive pricing, but landlords have an advantage when it comes to negotiating a palliative price for the tenant. Because of the scale of the business, a landlord has more room to work out the best rent price for you.

Maintenance is another crucial component of rental properties. Who takes care of property repairs and emergencies and how are questions a tenant must ask to know what life may be like. Each landlord (and property manager) works a little differently; more often than not, landlords fix small problems themselves and outsource for larger repairs. Depending on how busy they are (for example, if they also have a day job,) your leaky faucet may have to wait.

Property Manager

A property manager, meanwhile, represents different landlords or a property management company. He can manage all kinds of real estate, including single-family homes and apartment complexes. Taking care of everything involved in these buildings is the property manager’s livelihood. As property managers tend to run a larger business than landlords may, they are less likely to develop a personable relationship with the tenants, and the tenants might never see the owner of their rental.

However, they do have their benefits when it comes to cost. They may have less room to negotiate with each tenant, but they may periodically offer valuable discounts. As for maintenance, your property manager is more likely to be quick to deal with issues and have a professional crew on hand.  

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