Securing a Vacant Commercial Property

Securing a Vacant Commercial Property

If you ever have a vacant commercial property, Clagett can help you check these things off your to-do list!

As a landlord, investor, or property manager, you can have a lot on your plate. Even with many years in the field, there is always a new experience to be had. For example, you might have a commercial property that becomes vacant for a period. It can happen for many reasons. If this is a situation you are in, make sure to check off all these boxes in securing your vacant commercial property.

Secure All Access Points

The goal of securing a vacant commercial property is to make sure it stays in good shape. Part of that is making sure that no one breaks into it. Secure all access points such as doors, windows, and skylights, checking the locks and changing those locks if copies of keys are unaccounted for.

Have Eyes on the Ground

It can always help to have people around who will help you make sure no one breaks in. Talk with the neighboring commercial properties to let them know you are a local landlord or property manager and that this property will be vacant for a certain time. If you have neighbors that will report suspicious activity around your vacancy, your job becomes easier and you’ve made some neighborly connections.

Outsource Property Management Services

While the property is empty, maintenance must go on. Hire or continue with outsourced maintenance services for every aspect of the property. You will still need to maintain the fire protection systems, the security system, the landscaping, and general cleaning. You might even have someone winterize your plumbing to avoid a burst water pipe.

Upgrade Security Systems

Having a vacant commercial property might call for upgraded security systems. Having a smart security system with surveillance cameras, motion sensors, moisture sensors, etc. can allow you to monitor your property from the comfort of home. Should anything happen, your phone will alert you right away. Your fire protection system should be registered with the local fire department, so they will know at once if something happens.

Visit the Property Weekly

Lastly, visit the property weekly. If possible, visit the property at least this often just so you can ensure that everything is truly safe. There is no better way to secure a vacant commercial property than for its owner or manager to visit it himself.

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