The Open Office Layout: Pros and Cons

The Open Office Layout: Pros and Cons

Should your new business location have an open layout? Here are the pros and cons.

When looking for the perfect office space, you want to have your criteria straight. Every part of your business office needs to serve a purpose, and part of this space is its layout. What kind of work environment does your business need? Everyone has their preferences, but the trend of the open office layout is undoubtedly booming. Below are the pros and cons of the open office layout to bear in mind.

Pros of the Open Office Layout


If you want to draw employees who love to work in a fast-paced environment, an open office layout is definitely for you. Businesses that run on the engine of collaboration need to have workspaces that optimize an easy traffic flow. It needs to be easy for coworkers and managers to communicate with minimum effort, so breaking down the cubicle walls could help.

Networking & Socializing

Some people thrive on growing relationships within their company. Sharing a workspace can set a good example to newcomers, keep coworkers accountable, and keep them motivated to stay on course. An open-concept office is also a great way to promote networking and sharing ideas.

Saving Space

Breaking down walls actually saves office space. With fewer rooms, you have more freedom to arrange the furniture as you like. Besides, open office spaces look way better compared to the isolating cubicles of yesteryear.

Cons of the Open Office Layout


One of the greatest downsides to an open office layout is the possibility of distractions. Background noise, people talking on the phone, other people’s music, and more can be bothersome to some people. 

Lack of Privacy

If there are introverts among you, it may feel like a shared space takes away from people’s privacy. It’s harder to have “alone time” at the office when you sit in the same space. If your company handles private information, you might prefer closed off spaces as well.

Lack of Space

Another con of open office spaces is the lack of space. For example, if you are packing numerous desks into one room, it can begin to feel cramped. If you have multiple monitors on one long table, your employees might be working in closer quarters than they’d prefer. You can avoid these problems and more by working with Clagett Enterprises!

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