How to Sell Your Home on the Residential Sales Market

A family is moving into a new home today.

A family is moving into a new home today.

As much as people hate to move, sometimes selling your home can be the best decision of your life. This change can positively impact your life if you are moving to be closer to your family, became empty nesters, or change careers. But putting your house on the residential sales market can be a hard process if you don’t know where to start. That’s where Clagett Enterprises, Inc. can help!

What to Do Before Listing

The first thing to know is that every market is different. There isn’t a true average in a national market because no two markets are alike. People in California will want a large piece of land to grow a garden while people in New York want space in the middle of the city to be near all the action. These two parts of the country are two very different markets. If you want an accurate picture of what you should sell your house for, do your own research of comparable houses in your area. Search for homes that were built around the same year, same about of bedrooms and bathrooms, and about the same square footage.

Another step to take before listing a property is to have your home inspected. This will allow you to see what could cause a seller to potentially back out just before closing and the fix the problems that could arise. While many people want to avoid the $200 to $400 cost of having a home inspection, it could save you money and time in the scheme of things. If there are repairs to be made, make them before contacting and interview realtors in order to make the house more presentable.

While on the Market

When your house is listed on the market, make sure it is kept clean for last minute viewings. A last minute run through with a vacuum or broom should be expected but do not have clutter lying in the living room when your realtor calls with a couple two minutes away. Show off your house’s assets. No one can have enough storage so try getting rid of some old clothes and knick-knacks to make the closet look less full. Put that winter wardrobe in storage or hide it in a friend’s basement for safe keeping. This will allow buyers to visualize their things in the area and help sell the house. Most importantly, stay on top of market trends. If the market decreases, think about lowering your price to stay within the competition’s price.

Clagett Enterprises

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