What Association Management is Not

association management

Association management companies can do a lot to help you, but you won’t have to relinquish full control.

Real estate owners of developments or planned communities find it very beneficial to work with an association or community management service. Management services offer a great deal of expertise, but it’s important to fully realize what is expected of association management and what isn’t. When there is a board of directors involved with running an association, what roles are better handled by the board than management?

Rules and Guidelines

Association management is meant to work in conjunction with a board, so it’s really paramount that every member of each party has clarity in their expected duties and responsibilities. When rules and legislation come into play, the board is normally in charge of handling rule, policy and procedural changes. While a community management service can help oversee that rules and guidelines are upheld, they are generally not relied on to change or implement new practices.

Uphold the Rules

Those involved with association management help to uphold the rules, so you really need to work with managers who look to aid a board of directors in regulations. A huge issue can form when a particular manager decides to bend the rules for one tenant or not take notice of someone actively defying guidelines that every other resident abides by, so the board and association managers need to be in agreement on the operations of the community or development. The community management service shouldn’t be relied on as the entire security for a complex, but it also needs to show it accepts the guidelines created by the board and enforce rules when need be. When responsibilities are clearly not established, it can be hard for those in association management to understand what is expected from the board.

Vendor Decisions

Community managers help to save time, and it can be a great resource when you can entrust a manager to help with the selection of something like vendors. With that said, it is ultimately the board’s responsibility to approve of the hiring and firing of vendors. The community manager can showcase bids and provide options for the owner and board, but there should be a collective agreement between the board in regards to what direction should be pursued.

When looking for association management, you need to work with a company that understands the importance of cohesion.

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