Should Start-Ups Have Office Space?

Should Start-Ups Have Office Space?

Here’s why every start-up should seriously consider renting office space.

Office spaces have existed for decades, but did you know that these objects, like many other things, pass through trends as well? Just as architectural styles differ through time, office space configurations also change. For the last several years, remote work has become a part of normal work life for most, and this year has only confirmed its viability. If you own a start-up, should you throw the idea of office space out the window? Here are a few reasons why start-ups should have office space.

Sign of Permanence

Human beings need physical reminders and signs to help grasp the reality of certain things. Businesses are no different. There is certainly some strategy involved that may differ from company to company, but in general, if you have a physical location in which your team meets, people around you will think that you mean business and are here to stay.

Broadcast to the Public

Your physical office space also communicates what kind of start-up you are. It’s a passive form of marketing. When seeking talent and customers, you can have a physical representation of your company’s brand and values without needing to say a word.


While remote working saves a lot on gas and time, it also has its challenges. No matter what, your team will need dedicated spaces in which to work: an office. Working from home can lend itself to distraction and lack of motivation, whereas a corporate office space boosts productivity and accountability.


There is one more benefit start-ups can gain from a physical office, and that’s communication. People need human connection, and nothing replaces face-to-face interactions. In-person interactions are the real deal, while video conferencing, emailing, and phone calls are just aids to an incomplete picture. Sure, you might be able to perform your work well remotely, but will that make your team stronger and more unified?

Tips for Finding an Office Space

If leasing a commercial space for your star-up sounds right to you, there are a few criteria to keep in mind for your search. First, determine your ideal location. Do you need to be in the heart of a community, or close to certain amenities? Your budget will also come into play; it’s better to fully afford the rent with plenty to spare than go into debt. Lastly, consider what features your office will need. For example, it might need a storefront window or a reception area. If you need guidance in your search, contact Clagett Enterprises! 

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