Why a Tenant May Leave a Rental Property

Why a Tenant May Leave a Rental Property

One primary reason people tend to leave a rental property is when the cost of renting becomes too high.

Often the industry fixates on the nightmare tenants and overlooks how great some tenants can be. When we get great tenants, it’s hard to see them go, but there are lots of reasons that they may choose to vacate a rental. Some of the most common reasons are detailed below with tips on how you might try to keep that great tenant in your properties.


One primary reason people tend to leave a rental property is when the cost of renting becomes too great. This may be because your rental rates have gone up, or it may be because their income fell (through a change in job or a loss of employment). Whatever the reason, when they can no longer afford the cost of their rental they decide to leave. One way to keep your property attractive to tenants is to offer relocation to a smaller, cheaper unit or to offer them a discount. For a really good tenant, it could be worth it.

Space Needs

Another primary reason people move is that their space needs change. There could be many reasons they don’t feel the small area is working anymore, from marriage or welcoming a new child to starting an in-home business. Or perhaps they have more space than they need or want and could be looking to downsize their current living arrangements. Whatever their reason, you could keep them as tenants by offering to relocate them to a unit that fits their needs, if you have it available.

Issues with Neighbors or Area

Some tenants may choose to leave a rental if they constantly butt heads with another tenant. You can’t do anything about personality conflict, but if the issue is noise complaints consider implementing a quiet hour policy. They also may look to leave if the neighborhood begins to make them feel unsafe or if they are looking for different amenities or characteristics, like a specific school district, better pet policy, or a pool. If you own multiple properties, see if one of your other properties fits their needs and offer a relocation.

Renter Market

When there’s more supply than demand, tenants may feel like they should take advantage of the market and move to a place with more space or amenities. It’s not that they dislike your property, but they feel they could get more for their buck. In this situation, you’re at the disadvantage (because you’ll have a vacancy if they go and you’re at a disadvantage in the market). Offering discounts on rent or additional perks like a free parking space are also excellent ways to retain tenants.

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