Thinking Of Investing In A Storage Unit? Consider These Four Benefits

You have plenty of options when considering investing in commercial properties to make a passive income. You can invest in office and retail spaces in addition to industrial properties and other special-purpose buildings. There are multiple benefits to investing in those forms of commercial real estate. Another underrated investment that deserves more recognition is storage units. Below are several solid reasons to consider supporting a storage unit facility.


Investing in storage units can be a successful venture.

A Storage Unit Has Value

Storage units are popular for numerous reasons, but the main reason is their access and space. People often use a storage unit to help decrease clutter while moving. People who live in small apartments and don’t have much room in their apartment homes usually rely on using a storage unit.

Little Maintenance With Storage Units

When owning and operating a storage unit facility, the maintenance and upkeep are less than those compared to owning commercial real estate like warehouses, industrial buildings, offices, and other forms of commercial property.

Low Turnover With A Storage Unit

Hauling lots of goods or bulky items from one place to another is no fun. Instead, it’s a hassle that people want to do as little as possible. Plus, storage needs and organizing many possessions are often long-term. These two factors mean that a low percentage of people only rent for a few months. Over half keep their units for over a year, regardless of a rent raise.

Constant Cash Flow

Cash flow is how much you get or don’t get after paying for the mortgage, maintenance, etc., on your commercial property. When investing in storage units or any other property type, you want your cash flow to be positive. Storage units tend to have a positive cash flow because people need access to units on a 24/7 basis.

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