Tips for Maintaining an Office Building

Tips for Maintaining an Office Building

Office buildings require routine maintenance for happy tenants.

Office buildings are commercial spaces that require a monumental amount of attention. While a well-built commercial building will keep in decent condition for many years, annual and routine upkeep is necessary for your tenants’ safety, health, and satisfaction. In return, you receive the benefits of a stellar reputation and a stable income. Below, you can find tips on maintaining the overall office building.

The Exterior

The exterior includes the roof, windows, doors, parking, sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping. Like a house, the roof and windows need repairing or replacing over time. Roofs can deteriorate, and windows can leak. Hardscapes, like asphalt parking lots, can crack and crumble over time and require sealing or repaving. Lighting makes your pathways safe and easy to see, while landscaping is the icing on the cake. The exterior of your office building is what people first see, so it is necessary to make a good impression.

The Lobby

Whatever areas in your building are common to all, like the lobby and hallways, they should also be clean and appealing to any who walk into its premises. Hire a professional cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness of these entryways (and the office suites.) Check to see that the flooring, walls, etc. are in good condition. To brighten the space, you could hang art by local artists on the walls.

Elevators and Stairs

Elevators and stairs need inspecting and maintaining as well, especially as it concerns the health and safety of anyone using them. Your cleaning staff should take care of these places also. Make sure that there is adequate lighting and that the elevators and stairs are in decent condition.


Besides keeping the building structurally sound, security systems are also necessary for your tenants’ safety. One can never assume a commercial building is safe from a break-in. Choose a certified security company to evaluate your property and propose a sound security solution.


Another contributing element to tenants’ health is the temperature, relative humidity, and ventilation of your building’s interior. Commercial HVAC units and air ducts need routine inspecting and cleaning to reduce dustiness, mold, and health problems.

The Office Spaces

Of course, your tenants’ office spaces need taking care of too. The wall paint, flooring, lighting, and general cleanliness are essential to tenant happiness. A trustworthy cleaning company can take care of vacuuming, trash disposal, and deep cleaning. 


Do not forget the bathrooms as well; one of the most important parts of the office building, these facilities need inspections for functionality and cleanliness, besides routine upkeep. The cleaner the restroom, the happier your tenants will be.  

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