Spring Maintenance Tips for Rental Properties

Spring Maintenance Tips for Rental Properties

Spring is here, and that means spring cleaning for property managers.

The spring season has arrived! The daffodils are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the bees and buzzing. As everyone emerges from their dwellings to enjoy the outdoors once again, property managers focus their energy at this time at the dwellings which they oversee. Property managers have various duties toward their rental properties when the warm seasons come round again. If you are a property manager, check out these spring maintenance tips below.


Naturally, landscaping is one of the first tasks that comes to mind when rejuvenating a rental property. Your property’s curb appeal is essential for happy tenants and happy prospective tenants. Plus, it is simply one part of caring for a rental. A spring landscaping checklist may include planting annuals, mulching, fertilizing, weeding, and trimming (while the plants are still dormant.) Having routine landscape care can help make this job easier.


Besides the property’s flowers, trees, and shrubs, make sure the building is in good shape as well. Check the siding, roof, doors, and windows for damage of any kind. Sealed doors and windows are crucial for keeping hot summer air outdoors and cool, air-conditioned air where it belongs. Next, clean off the exterior if you see dirt, mold, or mildew growing on the surfaces. Also, check the gutters to make sure they’re clear and replace any broken outdoor lights.

Inner Workings

While a rental property needs deep cleaning just like any other home, one must not forget to clean its guts as well for a truly thorough clean. The HVAC system, the plumbing, and the electricity all need maintenance at some point. Replace the air filter and, if necessary, unclog drains and fix broken outlets. 


Meanwhile, the winter months may have left some dirt requiring a thorough spring cleaning. After tenants coop up inside during the winter, there may be more dirt and dust than in the spring or summer. If you had snow, tenants could have trudged in deicer chemicals and extra dirt. Have the carpets professionally cleaned and make sure all nooks and crannies shine like new. For safety measures, don’t forget to make sure that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have fresh batteries and still work well. 

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