Tips for Your Spring Open House

Open house tips

Let us help you get ready for your spring open house!

As the last of the snow piles begin to melt and people begin to be more active, for sale signs will start popping up all around your home. Spring is the time of year people start to think about moving and making a fresh start for them and their family. So how do you make your home stand out from the rest of the open houses? By following these tips!

Hiring a Cleaning Service

Buyers won’t notice if your home is spotlessly clean, but they will notice if it is dirty. A cleaning service will make sure all of those dusty places like ceiling fans, baseboards, door jams, and mantle places are spotless and ready for inspection.

Removing Photos

Children and animals are both beautiful and are the pride-and-joys of our lives, but they can be a distraction when it comes to selling your home. Buyers need to see a neutral ground where they could picture their own items and family. Removing all the pictures will help them be able to picture themselves in the space instead of the previous owners.

Neutralizing Odors

Odors can be a big problem in your home. Every house has a particular smell and for some, those smells can be off-putting. To help neutralize the smell of your home, try shampooing your carpet, cleaning litter boxes, and using a neutral air freshener. Avoid cooking strong smelling food like fish, pork, or onions in the days leading up to your open house.

Make Repairs as Needed

Buyers are looking for imperfections in your home so it is important to fix anything that could turn buyers away. Things like a leaky faucet, slow drown, broken windows, burned-out lights, and leaking pipes could be a major red flag to buyers. Make sure to repair all of these things before the open house so it doesn’t send buyers running away from your otherwise perfect home.

The Aesthetics

Little touches sell your home more than bigger ones. Planting flowers outside of your home will add just a touch of beauty and curb appeal. Putting out blankets and throw pillows will make your home feel cozy while keeping clutter to a minimum. You can also try setting the table to make your dining room seem like more than just an empty room with a table. When you set your table, it will seem like it has the potential for loved ones to gather around for a nice meal in your perfect home. Adding some new linens to your bathroom will also help to accent the freshness all buyers should feel inside it.

Your home should feel like a showpiece before you open the doors to your open house. For more information on planning your home sale, call Clagett Enterprises today!

Inspecting Your New Home with Clagett Enterprises!

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