What to Expect from a Home Inspection?

home inspections

Do you know what you are supposed to be doing during a home inspection?

For many new homeowners, home inspections are something they fear. But do you really know what you can expect during a home inspection? Let’s talk about who does what during a home inspection.

The Inspector

It is your responsibility to find and pay for a licensed home inspector to come to your potential home. It is important for the home inspector to stay impartial the entire time as they go through the property and test the system and overall condition. Your home inspector will look at the property, make notes, and provide you with a detailed report of the home’s condition as well as some things that could potentially go wrong with the house in the next few months. It is important for you, the home buyers, to be present while the inspection is going on so you can ask questions and have a demonstration of the home’s systems and how they work.

As the Buyer

It is important for you to arrive on time for the home inspection to make the most of the experience. While most people may tell you it isn’t important to be there, it actually is very important. As the buyer, you will want to get acquainted with the home as much as possible. During the inspection, you will be able to find out as much about the house and its “kinks” before moving in. Prior to the inspection, make sure to review the seller’s property disclosures and come up with a list of questions you’d like to ask if you have any. Are there any concerns about the house? Make sure to ask the inspector about anything that could cause problems after move in. The home inspection is there to make sure you know what you are getting into before you settle on the home. Depending on the size of the home, this inspection could take anywhere from a half an hour to three hours so make sure to change your schedule for that amount of time so you aren’t rushed.

Taking the time to walk through your new home with a home inspector will give you just the insight you need before you move into the home. For more information and to start your house search, call Clagett Enterprises today!

Inspecting Your New Home with Clagett Enterprises!

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