Tips on Maintaining a Shopping Mall

Tips on Maintaining a Shopping Mall

Keep on top of your shopping mall’s maintenance with these helpful tips.

Shopping malls managers have a lot to deal with, from security to tenant selection to increasing the number of regular shoppers. Maintenance plays a crucial role in the success of a shopping mall. Managers or owners can utilize different tips as well as appropriate methods on how to act upon them.


The number one way to maintain a shopping mall is through consistency in what you do. If you have a routine for how you manage the area, your results will be better. There is nothing more jarring to a shopper than fluctuating levels in the quality of the shopping experience. It will also help keep you on track as you develop better ways to keep the mall pristine.

Attention to Detail

While consistency is key, attention to detail also matters a lot. Cleaning out the nooks and crannies along the walls can majorly impact the mall’s overall cleanliness, as well as making sure that all the trash cans are emptied on a regular basis. Even fixing that one light bulb can be a powerful game-changer. When keeping a consistent routine, don’t forget to include the details. 


Shopping mall owners can have many matters to deal with that vie for the mall’s budget. Sometimes it can be easy to forget what issues are most pressing. For example, the mall might need a renovation of the cafeteria, but the budget for the general maintenance may go to the wayside as a result. Create a list to help keep in mind where the budget needs to go.

Testing Products

Another tip to get the best out of your maintenance efforts is to test the products you plan to use. Every shopping mall is different, inside and out, so each one has differing needs with different solutions. Seek out reviews and ask for demonstrations to see what will suit your mall the best.

Excellent Staff

How to go about practicing good maintenance depends on whether you want to outsource or keep staff in-house. Many mall owners use both means. Today, companies like Clagett Enterprises specialize in property management for commercial real estates like shopping malls, office buildings, and medical centers. With the number of challenges and tasks to face every day, outsourcing an excellent maintenance staff is a fantastic option for keeping house. 

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