Top 4 Moving Tips to Prepare for the Big Move


Moving can be pretty intimidating — hopefully these tips ease your nerves a little.

So it seems like you’re ready to move houses! At least, you’re thinking about it, since you found our moving tips. If you’re planning to move, or might be in the not-so-distant future, you’re probably pretty overwhelmed and flustered. Your real estate experts at Clagett Enterprises hope to be able to calm those nerves a little, get you set on the right track for the big move, and avoid crucial moving mistakes. Take a deep breath, and let us help try and organize your thoughts a little with these tips.

1. Start by Getting Rid of All the Clutter

Yeah, yeah, you’ve been meaning to de-clutter for months now. Well before you pick up and move, now’s the time to get rid of all that stuff so you don’t have it cluttering up your nice new home too when unpacking over there. Whether that means donating gently used items, having a yard sale, or taking a couple trips to the local dump, start the process sooner rather than later. This may be one of our more daunting moving tips, but taking your house on one room at a time is a great way to sort out the junk efficiently and manageably.

2. Organize Whatever You Keep and Clean Along the Way

Rather than just rummaging through and haphazardly tossing things into “keep” and “junk” piles, give yourself an organizational strategy that will make the move that much easier. When you’re planning to move, knowing in advance what boxes and what rooms your things belong in, you and your moving crew will have a much better time. Cleaning as you go will help your old house look great when showing it to potential buyers or renters.

3. Gather Important Documents When Planning to Move

You’re bound to have loads of documents for the move itself — quotes, estimates, receipts, contracts, etc. — as well as personal documents like school records, dental and medical records, tax information, birth certificates, what have you. By creating a “move file,” you’ll have easy and organized access to any of these documents should you need them at any point when planning to move or during the move itself.

4. Get Your Boxes and Moving Supplies in Order

This is especially key if you’ve decided to take on the move without any professional help. While many people will go grab throwaway boxes from grocery stores or liquor stores, these often aren’t sturdy enough to protect your important items. Start looking early and you might get some good deals online on boxes that were designed for moving.


Moving can be a hugely overwhelming task to even the boldest individuals. We at Clagett Enterprises are happy to assist you with finding your new home, and we hope that these tips will help you get there without too much stress along the way.

Getting Ready for the Big Move with Clagett Enterprises

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