Cleaning Your Kitchen for an Open House

Cleaning the kitchen

Make sure to clean up your kitchen for your open house!

For most of us, the kitchen is the place we spend most of our days. Making and eating meals, doing homework, and gathering around the table for a chat about life events. But these daily activities can cause clutter to build up in your kitchen and with clutter comes dirt and grime. Now that your home is on the market, it is time to clean up the kitchen and get rid of the dirt. But when your first open house is scheduled for this weekend, how do you deep clean your kitchen in a hurry? By following our deep cleaning tips!

Clear out the Clutter

The kitchen is always filled with activity and those activities can bring things like books, electronics, board games, and mail into your kitchen and leave them scattered on the kitchen table and countertops. Some of your clutter can even end up on top of your refrigerator. The first step in cleaning your kitchen is to grab a box and clear out these items. Once all of these items are removed, the next step is to clear out your cabinets. Remove all of the dishes, gadgets, and cookware you don’t use. Separate out the pieces that are damaged or beyond repair and either trash them or donate them to your local thrift shop. Move onto your pantry next. Donate anything you won’t eat to the local food pantry and throw away expired items. Once you have taken everything out of your cabinets and pantry, make sure to give the shelves and walls a good scrub before placing your items back in. Stack everything neatly in case your guests decide to investigate them for space.

Cleaning Grease and Grime

Cooking leads to the inevitable buildup of food and grease. No matter how many times you try to clean it up, the next time you cook there will be grease on your cabinets, walls, and countertops. To get rid of this buildup, make sure to wipe down all of your surfaces with a specially formatted kitchen degreaser. Unscrew all of the removable parts of your cabinets and appliances like the knobs, pulls, and handles. Soak them in a mixture of lemon juice and water to degrease them and rinse with water before replacing them. While they are soaking, scrub your appliances to help remove the grime that is under the knobs and pulls. Use a stain remover for your countertop material and use a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the surface. If you have tile in your kitchen, use a solution of lemon juice and salt to remove the stains and discoloration on the grout and use warm water for rinsing. Don’t forget to wide down light fixtures, switches, and door knobs as well as the tops of your cabinets and any other surface that could get dirty.


When preparing for an open house, many people forget about the insides of their appliances. But many homes come with their appliances. Whether this is the case with your home or not, make sure you spend some extra time cleaning out your appliances like your oven and refrigerator. Pull the racks out of your oven and make sure to scrub the sides, bottom, heating unit, and racks extremely well. Use a store-bought cleaning solution or one you find online to get your appliances extra clean. For the refrigerator, pull everything out and toss leftovers from last week’s Chinese takeout. Make sure to pull out the shelves, bins, and drawers to get everything cleaned correctly. Don’t forget to use a vacuum on the back of the unit to remove dust from the fan and coils.

The last part of cleaning your kitchen is to scrub the floor so it sparkles for the potential buyers visiting your home. The kitchen is the heart of the home so make sure yours is perfect for your open house!

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