Updating Your Fall Curb Appeal

Updating Your Fall Curb Appeal

Having your house brightly lit is the first step to making your potential buyers feel at home.

Most homeowners think that curb appeal doesn’t matter when listing their home on the residential sales market in the fall and winter months, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Curb appeal is the first thing a home buyer sees when pulling up to your home. No matter what time of the year, your curb appeal should not be ignored. Let’s take a look at some fall curb appeal.

Look at Your Lawn

Although your lawn goes dormant in the late fall, your grass still needs attention. In warmer climates, removing weeds and edging your lawn should be done monthly to keep your lawn neat. In snowy climates, keep sidewalks and entryways free of snow and ice for both curb appeal as well as safety.


As it starts to get darker earlier, it is important to make sure your home is lit up during those evening when potential buyers will come to look at your home. Use solar powered pathway markers to light the way to your front door. Make sure your driveway and entry ways are fully lit with bright bulbs. Even using spotlights to make your home extra bright would help buyers driving by your home see it and think it looks inviting.


The outside as well as the inside of your home should be kept clean. That might mean cleaning your gutters and downspouts as well as pressure washing your siding and walkways. Overflowing debris in your gutters, like pine needles and leaves, can speak of neglect to potential buyers and could make them feel like your home is not well kept. If you notice any paint chipping or if your house looks a little dingy think about adding a fresh coat of paint before winter sets in.  Paint will not only keep your home looking fresh, but it will help protect your home from the elements and moisture. Make sure your entry ways are always swept and there is a clean welcome mat at every door to greet your visitors.

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