How to Upgrade Before Selling Your Residential Property

Residential property upgrades

Buyers will appreciate all of the effort you put into upgrading your residential property!

Whether you are selling your home or an investment property, you may want to make sure your property is updated before putting it up for sale on the residential market. Unlike the market a few years ago, this market is highly competitive when it comes to buyers and what they expect from their next home. Before contacting your Clagett Enterprises real estate agent, consider making these changes and upgrades!

Small Changes and Upgrades

Your number one focus for small changes should be cosmetics and curb appeal. The first small change to make is paint colors. Although you love the bright pinks and blues of your children’s bedrooms, your next buyer might not appreciate the bubble gum wall color. Changing the color could help your potential buyers envision themselves in the home. Another change to make is the fixtures in your home. Changing faucets, kitchen drawer pulls, and lighting fixtures in your house will give the space an updated feel. One of the biggest things that will sell your residential property is the curb appeal. Scraping and repainting your porch railing and mailbox will present your home in a new light. Maintaining your yard and garden is an important part of curb appeal. Even giving your door a fresh coat of paint could help sell your home.

Bigger Upgrades

Once you have made these small upgrades, it may be time to think bigger. There are two rooms all buyers will want to be upgraded in their new home: the kitchen and the bathroom. When upgrading these two rooms, you will see a major return on your investment. The first thing to do is remodel your kitchen. Upgrade your dated counter tops with a stone, flooring, premium appliances, and an under mounted sink. These upgrades will help buyers imagine themselves in this kitchen.

People spend more of their waking hours in the bathrooms than in any other part of the home, so your potential buyers will want a bathroom that looks beautiful and new. Installing a matching bathroom counter top to the one in the bathroom is a touch buyers will notice when viewing the home. Install new fixtures such as the lighting, mirrors, and bathtub fixtures can make the bathroom updated and will give the buyers a new clean feeling. When choosing a color scheme, go for something classic and not too bold to ensure your buyers will love your work. Making these upgrades to your residential property will help buyers see themselves in their new home. Now, just wait for the bidding to begin!

Selling Your Residential Property with Clagett Enterprises

At Clagett Enterprises, we have extensive experience serving the greater Frederick area and Western Maryland, since 1987. Our team is a full service real estate company that’s ready to help you with your real estate needs. Speak with a Clagett professional at 301-665-6009, or request a proposal for preventive maintenance here.

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