What Are the Most Profitable Commercial Real Estate Investments?

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Commercial real estate is a promising industry, and there are countless opportunities to make a great profit while growing your real estate portfolio. However, just like any other type of investment, you should think critically before you get started. What are some of the most profitable commercial real estate investments that you can explore this year?

Properties That Already Have Tenants

Making real estate investments that are unproven can be intimidating, so investing in a property that already has a tenant base can be a great idea. Commercial real estate properties that have multiple tenants already also typically provide you with a higher return on investment, because you don’t need to worry about screening and finding tenants to fill the spaces. Some of the best properties that fall into this category include student housing, self-storage facilities, and multi-family living spaces. The more people that you can get on your property, the more regular income you will have.

Properties With Triple-Net Leases

One of the only exceptions to the rule about having as many times as possible is having a property with a triple-net lease. A triple-net lease describes a property where tenants are willing to sign long-term leases and invest in the future of your property. These tenants would cover some of the costs associated with real estate investments, including things like property taxes, property maintenance, and insurance. This gives you the stable rental income that you want, but it also eases some of the burdens that you might have for maintaining your property.

Properties in Booming Areas

If your property is located in a busy part of town, you will have more competition for the space. As a result, you can increase the rental costs for your real estate investments and increase your property income. Additionally, being located in the busy part of town ensures that you will always have people lined up in the event that your current tenant decides to leave.

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