5 More Things that Homebuyers Hate

5 More Things that Homebuyers Hate

Last week we covered five things that homebuyers hate. Here are five more things that complete the list.

Last week, we reviewed five things that prospective homebuyers hate to see in a home for sale. Because that was only half of the list, it seemed fitting to include the other five deplorables in the following article. The previous article covered the woes of dirt and grime, the presence of pets, current owners, and clutter, as well as dank bathrooms and kitchen. This article will focus on other stylistic choices plus the home’s exterior.

1. Outdated Fixtures and Features

The details can make a difference. Outdated fixtures and features like brass handles, faux-crystal knobs, and popcorn ceilings can turn off a prospective buyer. Vanity lighting in bathrooms, the row of un-shaded light bulbs above the mirror, is also out of style. Making small changes to freshen up the scene can help sell your home faster.

2. Over-personalization

An extremely specific style in a house will place a hurdle before most homebuyers searching for a place of their own. One style will not appeal to most people. Such personalization will also make it harder for the homebuyer to imagine the place in their own style. Repainting the walls to a more neutral color or removing personal memorabilia from the house will help open doors and eyes.

3. Carpeting

The market for wall-to-wall carpeting is waning in light of the appeal of hardwood, laminate, and tile floors. However, in this matter, there is room for negotiation with your real estate agent on how necessary a carpet removal may be. Carpeting is relatively easier to replace than an entire kitchen, so a homebuyer may be more likely to buy a carpeted house.

4. Abandoned Lot Feeling

As for the outdoors, no lack of importance has been placed on a home’s curb appeal. Homebuyers hope to see a house that looks decent, and that also means a home that looks like the present owner is taking care of it. An overgrown yard with dead leaves in the gutters and weeds poking up from the pavement can spell bad news. A manicured house will show that there are fewer if any problems to deal with when the present owner leaves.

5. Unkempt Surroundings

Lastly, just as location matters, so your neighbors’ yards will also make an impression. If the yards surrounding yours are unkempt, the appeal of your home will decrease in the eyes of homebuyers. Help yourself and your neighbors and offer to lend them a hand in sprucing up their yards.

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