5 Things that Homebuyers Hate

5 Things that Homebuyers Hate

Target the right areas so your home can be dressed to impress.

Selling a home can take a substantial amount of effort. If you do the work, though, you can reap the best results. While there are steps to take to prepare your home for a sale, also be aware of what your potential homebuyers will hate. In other words, know what aspects of the home to target so your house is ready to wow and welcome its next owner. 

1. Dirt, Grime, and Dust

Nothing turns off a house hunter like dirt, grime, and dust. They cannot assume that you will do the cleaning for them before they move in. Whatever the design, style, and features of your house, presenting it as the cleanest its ever been is the first step to impress. This also goes for odors of any kind, including cigarette smoke and the smell of burning oil.

2. The Presence of Pets

Speaking of cleanliness and smells, take away pets and pet paraphernalia from your property. Some people will be allergic or afraid of certain animals, no matter how well-behaved your pet is. Also, the presence of an animal will raise the question of what possible damage this pet has done in the house.

3. Your Presence

Unfortunately, your own self does not factor into the perfect picture you want to give a homebuyer. Homebuyers want to imagine themselves walking into their new home, not a home for sale with its owner hanging around. Let your real estate agent take care of the selling for you!

4. Clutter

While you are still in the preparation phase, however, it would greatly behoove you to tidy up your belongings and remove personal items as much as possible. A spacious house with room for more stuff to come in is more appealing than a house already crammed, as is a house where anyone can picture him or herself inhabiting. Personal pictures will distract the buyer from the house.

5. Outdated Bathroom and Kitchen

For larger renovations, it’s the bathroom and kitchen that homebuyers want to see updated the most. A dank, decrepit tub or a stained kitchen countertop will signal the need for greater investment (not to mention the “ew” factor) to anyone stepping in.

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