Ask These Questions Before Planning The Next Association Management Meeting

association management

Knowing the best ways to conduct an association management meeting is critical.

Association management is not the easiest task, but doing a little bit of advance planning can go a long way. Before you start planning the next meeting as part of your association management duties, ask these questions to yourself and your team.

Will The Host City Offer A Partnership?

When planning an association management meeting, you need to ensure that the host city is committed to fully supporting your event as a partner. Local support is essential to make sure that logistics and the event go smoothly. Research the host city in advance to ensure that the town will provide lots of partnership support including on-site support and more.

Is The Site Also Great For Leisure?

While the next association management meeting will be about business, that doesn’t mean that attendees won’t want to indulge in a little extra vacation time while they are there! Choose a city that has a lot of dining and entertainment options to help lure attendees to the meeting. Metropolitan areas are ideal for holding association management meetings, as you can entice a variety of visitors with awesome restaurants, interesting museums, and exciting nightlife.

How Important Is A Global Element To Our Meeting?

If your association deals with international topics or works with global industries, you need to decide whether or not it would be worth hosting the conference internationally. An international association management meeting requires many different things to work, including access to an international airport. Pay attention to small details and where your attendees are coming from. If most of your attendees are used to attending conferences in the continental United States for a few days, and your association meeting suddenly moves to Europe over the course of the week, you might lose some of your core demographic as a result of the change.

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