Building Green 2019

Building Green 2019

Building green is a current trend with timeless applications. What’s it all about?

Learning new ways to build more cost-effective and sustainable commercial buildings is an ever-pressing quest in today’s commercial development. Emphasized no less is a movement with origins from the late 1800s, that is, Green Building. Building green comes with its relative goals, but also has core principles that span any movement or trend.

What Is Building Green?

Building green means thinking holistically about the impact a structure makes; the entire lifecyle of such a structure should benefit those in and around it. A green building has the most positive, harmonic impact on everything and everyone around it in its construction, use, and deconstruction.


Green building can be traced back to the late 1900s. The aim of architects and builders for several significant structures, such as The Crystal Palace of London and the Galleria Vittoro Emmanuel II of Milan, was to create an efficiency of energy use and air flow that was contextually novel. The push for more clever efficiency continued into the twenties. When the invention of the HVAC system came along with all its air-conditioning glory, however, energy-saving methods faded from the scene as these powerhouses took over through the 60s. Since the 70s, evermore efficient buildings have been on the rise. What, you might wonder, is all the craze about?

Climate Change

Climate change is the main driving concern behind the movement these days. Some, even, are motivated due to their concern that the earth has lost some of its own sustainability. The intent of today’s green builders to lessen negative impacts on everything around the structure comes from their desire to get the earth healthier again.


The intended audience of their impact is, as mentioned, the surrounding environment, from plants to animals to people. The way to achieve positive effects is to think not only about the inside of the building but also the outside. The building should, for example, promote good air quality both inside and out in the open air. Design strategies take from nature in a style called biomimicry, in which natural designs of efficiency inform manmade endeavors.


So far, building green has had proven benefits. Green buildings save on overall costs and supplies, from water to lighting energy to natural gass. At the end of the day, better efficiency, healthier air, and less waste are things that everyone should pursue in a design.

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