Commercial Development and Consulting: What Is It?

commercial development and consulting

A partnership for progress.

At Clagett Enterprises, Inc., we offer commercial development and consulting for your commercial real estate needs in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. In the past, we restored and converted The Guilford Mansion into a fresh office space, keeping the dignity of the history intact while mixing the old with the new. We can offer much more with our commercial development and consulting services. Many people may wonder, though, what does go into the process of commercial development and consulting?

The Commercial Development Process

Site Selection and Deal Making: In this segment, the commercial real estate developers seek out the right land, find and answer the concerns of geography and other restrictions, and seal a deal on the land. All civil and geographic considerations have been taken and resolved.

Development and Entitlement: This is when all the members of the design team join in. The architect, landscape architect, and the necessary engineers begin to design the building. Meanwhile, the commercial real estate developers get the approval of the city and the site’s neighbors for the project to take place.

Construction and Tenant Turnover: Once they get the “okay” from the land, the city, the law, and the people, it’s time to build, a process with many steps of its own. When everything has been erected and polished, tenants can then move in.

The Consulting Process

Just as in any project, the creation of commercial real estate is a process of edits and evaluations. The consulting process goes through various stages with a necessary purpose to each one and is fairly straightforward. From the Harvard Business Review article, “Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice,” the summary of this process is as follows:

Giving Asked-for Information: The consultant talks with the client on what the client needs to know about the development of the project, asks what steps have been taken to begin, and works with the client to proceed.

Solving Problems: Various factors of concern will arise during the design and development of the project. The consultant will, with the years of accumulated expertise, help to solve whatever issues arise. It is a task requiring insight, as the real problems may only be implicit rather than consciously realized.

Making Recommendations: Once the consultant gives a diagnosis on the project thus far, it’s time to think of “what next?” The consultant will make recommendations for improvements and next steps in the production of the building.

Implementing Changes: The consultant may assist in the implementation of new ideas.

The greatest influence a consultant can have for the client is developing client learning and trust. A good consultant, no matter on what level of the process, will listen sincerely to the client and respond judicially.

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