Buying a Home in a Subdivision

Buying a Home in a Subdivision

If you consider buying a home in a subdivision, here’s what you need to know.

When searching for a perfect home, you may hear contradicting recommendations on what is the best kind of house. However, it is best to look at what is out there and determine for yourself what the right type of neighborhood is for you. Buying a home in a subdivision may be one of your options. If so, there are several factors in living in one that you need to know.

Homeowners Association

A subdivision of land featuring residential homes, townhouses, etc. generally comes with its own homeowners association. The HOA has rules on how each homeowner can manage his property. For example, there are rules on what color to paint the house, limits on vegetable gardens, whether you can install a satellite or solar panel, etc. Each homeowners association has slightly different rules, so check to see if your potential homeowners association’s rules are okay with you. Even if the rules may be restrictive to some, they can be lifesavers for others. They can keep order and unity in both the function and appearance of the neighborhood. 

Also be aware of the regular fee you will have to pay for the upkeep of communal areas like swimming pools and tennis courts as well as services like snow shoveling and trash removal. Such services can provide enjoyment and take a load off of your home maintenance routine.

Amenities, or Lack Thereof

Speaking of services, residential communities in subdivisions often have access to stores and other businesses very close by, practically at their doorstep. Some homes may even be apartments located above a shopping center. Consider the convenience! Meanwhile, subdivisions are usually located outside major cities, somewhere off the beaten path. Some subdivisions do not have the aforementioned amenities, and if they are brand new, they will take time to gain popularity and further development.

Neighbors in Close Quarters

One of the most fundamental facts about a subdivision neighborhood is that neighbors live in close quarters. Houses do not have much space between them. If you like privacy, this may be uncomfortable for you. If you love having greater involvement with a community and the safety it provides, you may find this setup ideal.

Quality House Construction

When looking for a home in a subdivision, you will want to look into the building company that erected those homes. How reputable is that company? Also, remember that the newer the house is, the more likely the builders have used the latest equipment and technology to create a sound and efficient structure.

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