Coronavirus Tips for Property Managers

Coronavirus Tips for Property Managers

Keep up these health and safety rules for apartment buildings.

It has been five weeks since WHO declared the novel coronavirus to be a pandemic. Since then, the United States has done a fabulous job of acting as responsible citizens and keeping as safe and healthy as possible. “Social-distancing” is an enormous part of the equation, and people continue to practice this in better ways. For property managers overseeing the health and safety of apartment buildings, the challenge to keep apart is likely greater than in a suburban area. Below is a list of coronavirus tips specifically concerning social-distancing. 

Operating Mailrooms

One of the businesses still open is the post office. Apartment buildings usually have mailrooms, and these are high-touch, high-traffic areas. It is best to have limited access to the mailroom, perhaps allowing only a small number of people in at a time. Employees could follow the safety guidelines that other post offices are, such as wearing gloves and masks and keeping hand sanitizer at hand for guests.

Limit Common Rooms

Meanwhile, common rooms like lounges, game rooms, and gyms are safely considered non-essential for the time being. If you have not done so already, limit or restrict access into these areas. Now is a prime opportunity to sanitize each room to ensure continued health.

Organize Virtual Events

While apartment buildings may have to forego all residential events, a great disappointment, property managers can still promote virtual events. To keep the atmosphere positive and the community together, organize and encourage remote activities like book clubs, cooking classes, and game nights.

Communicate with Tenants

Even though society is keeping its distance, communication is still vital to a healthy community. Continue to communicate to tenants on health and safety procedures for the coronavirus, updates on changing rules in the apartment building if applicable, and encouragement where it is found. In case your tenants are struggling financially, provide resources for financial aid.

Communicate with Staff

Staff members working in apartment buildings need protection just as much as all the tenants. Communicate well with your team to ensure that they practice the appropriate sanitization guidelines. The cleaning crew has special instructions for how to clean in light of the epidemic.

Report Coronavirus Cases

If someone does come down with the coronavirus in your building, have a way to know so you can alert the community. Keep identity confidential and inform your tenants and staff on how to stay safe. Keep in touch with the patient to know whether they will self-isolate or go to the hospital. When they come home, celebrate their return!

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