How to Enjoy Easter in Your Apartment

How to Enjoy Easter in Your Apartment

If your family lives in an apartment, there are plenty of ways to still celebrate Easter.

It has been four weeks since the W.H.O. declared the coronavirus to be a pandemic. The government directive for Marylanders is to stay home, only to leave to get groceries and other essential items like medicine. The smaller your dwelling is, the harder it may be to stay sane. With Easter approaching next Sunday, those in apartments may especially wonder how they can celebrate the holiday. Have no fear: there are several ways a family can enjoy Easter in stride. 

Creative Easter Baskets

Delivering Easter baskets to grandchildren or the children of relatives may be a tradition for some families. While contact with even family or friends who live apart from you is something to avoid these days, it is still possible to gather a fantastic collection of treats. Consider what kids might need as they spend more time indoors, and add such items to the basket. If you don’t have baskets, alternatives include plastic buckets and other storage containers. Decorating them with stickers or colored paper can spruce them up if need be.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

The all-important Easter egg hunt: many families wonder how to organize one while stuck inside. If you live in an apartment, you can still easily hide the eggs all over the place in hard-to-spot nooks and crannies. What you put inside can either form a lesson, have lots of candy, or both. 

Seasonal Games and Activities

At the same time, Easter celebrations typically last for longer than one day. The week before sets the tone to lead up to that joyful day. Spring is also in full swing, and April is the prime month to enjoy gardening and new plant life. A family can entertain themselves throughout the season with applicable games like themed puzzles, dyeing eggs, and planting flowers and vegetables.

Apartment-Wide Music

Easter in an apartment doesn’t have to be limited to each unit. As seen all over the world, musicians have brought out their talents and songs to the community from their balconies. With the Internet and your property manager’s consent, if necessary, you can organize a music ensemble for anyone interested in participating. This works especially well if your balcony is adjacent to another wall or if you are facing a courtyard.


While one can have the perfect holiday plan, what makes it truly enjoyable is one’s attitude in the midst of it. Although there is much trouble currently, one can still enjoy the holiday with a thankful spirit, counting one’s blessings each day. Even though group events are canceled, Easter is not.

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