Landlords and Coronavirus Concerns

Landlords and Coronavirus Concerns

Landlords and tenants can work together to keep all safe and healthy.

The whole world is fighting valiantly against the much-reported novel coronavirus. Who has not heard about its effects on the world? One of the areas it impacts which people are most concerned about is business. Essential businesses remain open, which, for landlords, is good news. However, at least some tenants in Maryland are indeed suffering financially. Landlords can work together with tenants to fight victoriously.

Stay Informed

The best way to respond to something is to understand it. That is why research on one’s own is crucial to keeping ahead of the game and knowing what is going on. When someone understands the matter thoroughly and uses common sense, it is easier to come up with a strategy that works, and sooner. The coronavirus spreads through surfaces, coughs, sneezes, and the air. Keeping on top of state and federal advisories will also help set your expectations and course of action for what comes next.

Send Out Info to Tenants

To help your Maryland tenants keep safe and healthy, it doesn’t hurt to send out guidelines and information. It is your tenants’ responsibility to keep themselves well and use sound judgment, but as it is a team effort, it can be helpful to send tips on how to limit contact and limit the spread of germs. 

Have a Disaster Plan

Landlords and renters alike have concerns over the loss or the potential to lose their income. Those who work in restaurants, entertainment, retail, and more face the effects that the pandemic has caused in an inestimably significant way. Thankfully, there are ways to cope with this issue. If your tenants are facing these damages, they may be able to apply for federal unemployment benefits reserved specifically for this crisis. You may also provide tenants with loans or financial assistance. 

Sanitize Daily

Besides educating oneself and others on the issue and assisting with tenants financially, you can also help out your tenants health-wise. In an apartment building, there are high-traffic areas they cannot avoid when going to and from the grocery. The best way to keep these high-traffic, high-touch areas germ-free is to have a routine professional cleaning service come at least weekly to wipe down each night. 

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