Infusing Your Apartment with Holiday Spirit

Holiday Spirit Ornaments

Dress up your apartment with ornaments to make it explode with holiday cheer!

Tenants know how hard it is sometimes to decorate an apartment that may be a little short on space. Every square inch is important and you can’t afford to give up much of it for decorative purposes. But there are plenty of ways to dress up your apartment in the holiday spirit without taking up valuable space. Better yet, you can do it without breaking the bank! Here are some tips to help your apartment get into the holiday spirit.

Apartment Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are absolutely required for holiday decorating, but their size can be a problem for those in tight spaces. There are smaller artificial trees you can buy that can fit any size and budget, and you can also use a scenting material to make them smell fresh. For those with minuscule space, consider a hanging wall apartment tree, which comes with a hook to hang the tree from a wall and is pre-lit. All you have to do is hang it up and decorate with ornaments for an easy way to get your apartment into the holiday spirit.

Decorative Pillows

If you have sitting space, consider decorating your apartment with holiday pillows. These are available at nearly every department store during this time of the year. For a more low-budget, DIY feel, you can turn your existing pillows into holiday decorations by tying ribbons around them to make them look like presents!

Ribbons Everywhere

There are many other ways to use ribbons to bring holiday spirit to your apartment. Tie one around the backs of your dining room chairs to make a big bow that hangs down the back. Wrap railings or pillars with white paper or fabric, then use a red ribbon to make it look like a candy cane. You can also remove your window curtains and tie many Christmas bows along the curtain rods, letting the tails hang down to act as valances!

Don’t Neglect Your Permanent Fixtures!

Focusing on your doorways, windows, and lighting fixtures could be an easier way to decorate your apartment for the holidays. Use garlands and lights to create a festive mood. Also, hanging ornaments from the arms of chandeliers can be a quirky, fun way to bring holiday spirit to your apartment.

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