Landscaping Tips for Property Managers 2019

Landscaping Tips for Property Managers 2019

Follow these landscaping tips for a healthy and cost-effective property.

Low maintenance landscaping is all the rage in 2019 when it comes to rental properties, whether commercial or residential. The trend is to cut costs and run a property more efficiently, and landscaping is no small part in that goal. How does one create an outdoor appeal for a greater potential profit while keeping costs down to a minimum? Here are three main landscaping tips to follow as a commercial or residential property manager.

Limit the Water Use

Water use can quickly elevate your bills to unwanted levels. A water feature or two is always an appealing feature, but one must take into consideration the costs for running the feature and its maintenance. Avoiding or limiting water features is one big way to save on landscaping costs.

Likewise, lawn grass is another major consumer of water, particularly in the spring and fall. In the heat of summer, grass actually requires less watering. When you do water the lawn, do it only in the cool of the morning so the heat does not boil the plants’ roots or evaporate the water too quickly. Also, water for longer periods and less frequently to encourage deeper root growth. According to the University of Maryland Extension, it is best to cut no more than a third of the grass blades off at each mowing, keeping them about three inches tall. 

Use Native Plants and Ground Cover

Another popular and effective landscaping tip in the real estate world is to use native plants. While not every exotic, non-native plant or shrub does poorly, native plants are specially adapted to the climate in which they grow. They will need less treatment for soil conditions and can more easily survive changes in the weather. 

Ground covers are a good choice for areas where grass cannot grow as well, such as shaded areas under trees. They also keep out weeds better than a lawn might and don’t need watering. For flowers, perennials will save on having to buy new flowers every spring. But if you want your pansies, you can have your pansies. 

Use More Hardscaping

There is so much that goes into landscaping. Take advantage of hardscaping. A paver patio, a deck, and a walkway appropriately added can make all the difference in cutting down costs for plants, grass, etc. There are various types of materials from which to choose; besides concrete, there’s brick and many types of natural stone.

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