Learn More About The Commercial Real Estate Load Factor

commercial real estate load factorIt’s exciting to have a space where employees can come together and collaborate. However, before signing a lease or rental agreement, it’s essential to consider the financial factors. In addition to the rent, you’ll likely be charged a common area or building use fee. This fee covers shared spaces like the parking lot, elevators, and hallways and is added to your monthly rent as a “load factor.” Understanding the load factor is crucial for accurately budgeting your monthly rent and knowing what you’re paying for. This article aims to clarify the often confusing terms and conditions surrounding commercial real estate load factors.

Designed By Square Feet 

We usually picture buildings with multiple floors when we think of commercial real estate. Each floor typically has an elevator shaft, escalator, or stairs, depending on the number of floors. Most offices rent a designated office space on a portion of the floor. However, it’s important to remember the hallways that connect the office spaces, the stairwells that lead to them, and the many storage closets and public restrooms throughout the building.

The floor’s original square footage is determined based on various factors, excluding the space occupied by the elevator shaft, which is usually deducted from the floor rent cost. Essentially, you will be charged for every square foot of the floor, even if you do not occupy it, but the amount will be distributed among all tenants on the commercial real estate floor. This additional cost is known as the load factor. To find out the exact cost, you can use a math problem, but we won’t delve into it in this article. You can ask your real estate agent to estimate load factor cost.

The Load Factor Can Impact Your Decision?

Ultimately, whether or not to pay a higher load factor for a more high-tech and modern commercial real estate property depends on your personal views on the value of your money. While some may find it worth the extra cost for a more excellent building, others may prefer to opt for a building with a lower fee to avoid such a high load factor cost.

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