Don’t Make These Moving Mistakes

Plan out your moving day

Planning your moving day will help to make it go as smoothly as possible and will help you avoid these costly mistakes.

You have finally purchased your dream home and have decided to move your family. But before packing your things up in boxes stuffed with newspaper, there are some things you should be aware of before moving. Let’s take a look at several common moving mistakes and how you can avoid making them.

Don’t Do it on the Fly

No part of your moving process should be done without carful thought and preparation. Think about every step of your move with the same diligence you spent picking out your new home. Formulate a plan to help your move go quickly and painlessly. The first thing you must do is decide how to move. You can either rent a truck and move yourself or hire professional movers to transport your things. If you plan on using professional movers, you must book them as soon as you have a move in date. If possible, avoid moving during peak season or the last weekends of the month when movers are busy and relocation costs could be much higher. Factor the cost of moving into your monthly budget to ensure you will have enough to cover all of your moving costs. You will need to include moving company charges, transportation expenses, insurance, and post-relocation costs. Make sure to transfer your mail and your utilities to your new address starting the day before you arrive at your new home. This will ensure moving goes smoothly.

Failing to Do Your Research

Make sure you do your homework when choosing a moving method. If you plan on moving yourself, look into the best moving trucks for rent. Do they charge mileage? Do they supply gas? How long do you have to return the truck before having to pay for another day? This information could impact your moving costs. If you choose to hire professional movers, look into reviews, references, their DOT number, and about past complaints and disputes. Do not just stick with the most well known mover in the area. Look into other companies and obtain some estimates on how much and how long moving from your current house to your new house would be. Make sure you get onsite estimates so the movers will have any relevant information that could change the prices from an online estimate. Carefully review your mover’s papers for the fine print, inventory sheets, and provisions. You should also check into your moving company’s insurance plans and what is covered by the insurance.

Packing Improperly

Improperly packing your possessions is the number one mistake people make. To avoid packing like a rookie, make sure you pack well before the movers arrive. State packing as soon as possible and make sure you are making an inventory list of everything you are putting into boxes. This list will help your movers know where everything goes and what is in what box. Make sure to wrap your belongings with packaging materials or clothing in order to keep them from shifting or breaking in transit. Make sure to label your boxes as they are listed on your inventory sheet and in the corresponding box.

These tips will not only help you arrive at your new home ready but it will allow you to move in seamlessly and easily. To help you get started on finding your dream home, call a Clagett Enterprises real estate agent today!

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