Practical Tips For Securing Your Vacant Commercial Property

Clagett Enterprises vacant commercial propertyIf you are a landlord, investor, or property manager, you likely have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Even with years of experience in the field, unexpected situations can arise. For instance, you may have a vacant commercial property for a while due to various factors. If this is the case, taking all the necessary steps to secure the property is important. Here are some boxes to check off to help you safeguard your vacant commercial property.

Secure All Access Points

The objective of securing an empty commercial property is to ensure its upkeep. This involves preventing any unauthorized entry. All entry points, including doors, windows, and skylights, should be secured by examining their locks and replacing them if spare keys are missing.

Have Eyes on the Ground

It’s always reassuring to have help in ensuring that no one breaks into your property. Contact nearby commercial properties to introduce yourself as a local landlord or property manager and inform them that your property will be unoccupied for a specific period. By having vigilant neighbors who can report suspicious activity, your job will be much simpler, and you’ll also establish friendly relationships with those around you.

Outsource Property Management Services

Even when the property is vacant, it is essential to keep up with maintenance. Consider hiring or continuing to use outsourced maintenance services to cover all aspects of the property. This includes maintaining the fire protection and security systems, landscaping upkeep, and general cleaning. In addition, it may be wise to have someone winterize the plumbing to prevent any damage from frozen pipes.

Upgrade Security Systems

If you have a vacant commercial property, it may be necessary to upgrade your security systems. A smart security system with surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and moisture sensors can enable you to conveniently monitor your property from home. In case of any incidents, your phone will immediately alert you. Additionally, it is crucial to register your fire protection system with the local fire department to ensure prompt response in case of any emergencies.

Visit the Property Weekly

Finally, it is recommended that you visit the property weekly. If possible, visit the property at least once a week to ensure everything is truly secure. There is no better way to protect a vacant commercial property than for the owner or manager to inspect it.

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