Planning Your Summer Open House

Open house

Having refreshments in your home for will allow your guests to feel comfortable and refreshed during your open house.

Summer is one of busiest times for the real estate market. Many homeowners are listing their homes while many buyers are looking to move before the start of the new school year. With so many people entering the market, it can be hard to drive traffic to your home and one of the most effective tools is to schedule an open house. But before you open the doors of your home to the public, let’s take a look at some tips to making your open house a success this summer.

Cool It Down

Summers in Maryland range from swelter hot to extremely humid to tolerable. So with such a variety of weather, it is important to keep your home cool during your open house. Not only will buyers like the fact that you have a working air conditioning unit, but they will be comfortable viewing your home. Turning your air conditioner down to a cool 72 degrees will help encourage people to stay and make an offer. If your home doesn’t have central air, turn on fans and a window unit as low as possible to cool off your house.

Offering Refreshments Invite People to Stay

No matter how tolerable it is outside, it will always be hot in the summer. So why not be a courteous host or hostess and offer your guests something cool to drink as they wander through your house. Offering juice boxes for the kids and water or tea to the adults will help them feel relaxed and could even encourage them to make a bid.

Throwing Some Shade

Nothing says summer like a nice backyard that is perfect for a barbecue. But no one wants to stay outside and look over your property in the sweltering sun. Providing your visitors with some shade will encourage your visitors to step outside and enjoy the flowers you have planted. Adding some patio furniture will help to extend the living space of your home and even make guests feel comfortable as they talk about an offer.

These are just some of the tips you should be following to make your open house a success this summer. For more information on having a great open house, call Clagett Enterprises today!

Have a Successful Summer Open House with Clagett Enterprises

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