Landscaping Tips for Commercial Property Management

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One essential part of property management is making sure the outside of the lot looks great.

If you are managing a commercial property that features an outdoor grassy area or courtyard, you’ll probably need to think about landscaping services to keep everything looking nice. This is because landscaping actually plays a crucial role in the overall look of the property. Having a well-groomed landscape or yard is an essential part of curb appeal, which is huge even for commercial property renters. No one wants to work in a setting that is unkept, especially when first impressions on new clients are very important! Whether you DIY or hire a professional team, basic landscaping should always be a part of your building management plan. Here are some landscaping tips commercial property management teams should look into for keeping their managed property looking great on the outside. 

Keep Everything Watered

One of the easiest ways of performing maintenance to your landscaping as an owner is keeping everything watered. Grass and plants need water to grow, so watering them frequently is very important. The best time to water the grass is in the morning, so the plants have all day to soak up the sun. While some commercial property management companies choose to install underground automatic sprinkler systems, they aren’t actually super necessary. This can be performed just as well with a regular garden hose sprinkler set to water in the mornings in smaller areas.

Mowing Regularly

Another simple solution that makes a world of difference in terms of curb appeal is keeping the lawn mowed. Unpruned grass can make your property seem not managed properly and simulates the look of an abandoned building. It may seem counterintuitive, but mowing at higher lengths is actually preferable to mowing shorter. This is because mowing at a higher length actually encourages healthy grass since it allows for the plants to receive adequate amounts of sunlight. Otherwise, commercial property management teams will have to deal with unsightly patches of brown, sickly grass. The best solution is to set a schedule to mow, similar to watering the grass. 

Commercial Property Management of Greenery

Suppose your property has any shrubs, bushes, or trees; it’s important to keep them looking great. This means the occasional trim will need to be performed to keep them from overgrowing. Plants add a great look to any outdoor space, especially parks, but can actually become a nuisance if they are left to grow. Some bushes and trees are known for blocking walking paths and even can cause obstructions to doorways and building exits. It is up to the commercial property management to keep all the plants in line.

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