What Does Rezoning Property Mean?

What Does Rezoning Property Mean?

Clagett Enterprises can help walk you through the rezoning process.

Property zoning laws regulate how land is used in specific areas, from commercial vs. residential construction, to how many stories a home can have. If you’re thinking about rezoning property, that means you’re considering changing the general purpose of the land. Sometimes, it’s changing a residential property to a farm or agricultural-based business or transforming a farm into an industrial, commercial building. So, how can you successfully rezone your property? Here are a few steps to consider. 

What Should You Do If You’re Considering Rezoning Property? 

Have A Survey Done

The first step in rezoning your property is to have it and the surrounding land surveyed by a professional. Be sure to consider factors that may impact the locals. Things like proposed maps, site plans, traffic studies, and other pieces will all be helpful when planning your project and starting your application.  

Do Research on Your Local Laws

Zoning laws can vary depending on which city, town, or county you plan to rezone in. The local municipality will evaluate your plans to ensure they will be beneficial for the community. You can browse government sites regarding rezoning property in the district, which can help you open up the conversation with the local planning committee.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Ultimately, your neighbors and other landowners in the area will have a say in the rezoning property process. Chatting with any locals about your plans can let you know if what you’re planning to rezone for would be a positive or negative change.

What Does the Rezoning Process Look Like? 

Explaining Why You Want to Rezone

Make sure you have a clear picture of what you’d like to do with the land once it’s rezoned and why it would benefit the area. Certain types of rezoning may be harder to get through than others, so if you’re developing a commercial space in a neighborhood that’s only zoned for residences, presenting a compelling argument on the benefits can help your project. 

Filling Out Your Application 

Once you’ve done your research, followed up with the locals, and have a good idea of the local zoning laws, you’re ready to start your application. In some cities, you’ll be able to look at the application and pay your fee online, and in others, you may have to go to city hall in person to pick it up. 

Meeting with the Planning Commission and Local Legislation 

The planning commission and local legislation will be heavily involved when rezoning property. They will ask you questions and bring up any concerns over your proposal. If the committee approves, there will be a public meeting where neighbors can also discuss their concerns. After the public meeting, your proposal will have a public hearing with the local legislature. If they vote negative, you must wait at least a year before you can start the process again. If they vote to rezone the property, you can begin your construction project! 

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