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What Potential Renters Should Do Before Signing a Lease

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016
Potential Renters with Real Estate Agent

Potential renters need to keep the following tips in mind before signing a lease.

Whether you are preparing to rent an apartment or a beautiful house, signing the lease can be a stressful process. How do you know that the lease is fair to both of you, the renters and the landlords? Here are some simple steps to take before signing a lease to make sure that you are protected. (more…)

Preparing Your Home for a Winter Open House

Friday, December 16th, 2016
Winter Open House

Need some ideas for staging your home for a winter open house? Read on for tips!

Winter is a great time to be at home and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, but you are more focused on selling your home than relaxing in it! Hosting a great winter open house can be a little tricky with the hectic nature of the holiday season, but here are some tips to help make your winter open house a huge success. (more…)

Infusing Your Apartment with Holiday Spirit

Thursday, December 8th, 2016
Holiday Spirit Ornaments

Dress up your apartment with ornaments to make it explode with holiday cheer!

Tenants know how hard it is sometimes to decorate an apartment that may be a little short on space. Every square inch is important and you can’t afford to give up much of it for decorative purposes. But there are plenty of ways to dress up your apartment in the holiday spirit without taking up valuable space. Better yet, you can do it without breaking the bank! Here are some tips to help your apartment get into the holiday spirit. (more…)

Quick Safety Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights

Thursday, December 1st, 2016
Holiday Lights

Even if you’re not going this hard with your holiday lights, you should still observe some basic safety principles!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and you moved your belt notch over once (or twice!), it’s time to get ready for the beautiful and festive holiday season. Hanging holiday lights is something that almost every homeowner does, and something that a surprising number of homeowners do with little to no safety precautions. Here are some quick and easy safety tips for hanging up your holiday lights. (more…)