Attract Tenants For Your Commercial Property With These Seven Tips

Attracting and retaining tenants in a commercial property of any kind always remains a challenge for commercial property owners and managers. With several restorative practices relating to building maintenance and relationships with tenants, you can attract tenants that will form a healthy community.


Follow these tips to attract quality tenants.

Know Your Audience

Attracting tenants that will be responsible users of your commercial property involves knowing what such tenants seek in a retail space. Research the area and see what benefits they value most and who might be looking for a new unit soon.

Offer Rewards

Another way to attract tenants is to offer rewards to those who pay their rent on time and give out referrals for your commercial property. This could be in the form of a discount or gift card for nearby restaurants or other amenities. Rewarding on-time payments encourages tenants to have good habits, and those for referrals help make your tenants part of your marketing team.

Improve Curb Appeal

Take a look around your property and see from a visual point of view how you can make your property more appealing. The exterior is what prospective tenants first see. Repair and replace cracking pavement, clean up the landscaping, and give the building’s walls a fresh look. 

Spruce Up the Interior

A dank unit will turn commercial tenants off even with a posh exterior. Check flooring, windows, fixtures, and everything in between to see what needs cleaning, repairing, or replacing. Even a fresh coat of paint or a vase of flowers can add to the charm.

Improve HVAC

The heating and cooling system controls an indoor space’s temperature, ventilation, and relative humidity. Temperature and indoor air quality are crucial for maintaining comfort. Commercial HVACs should get inspections at least twice a year due to their work to keep tenants comfortable and breathing healthy air.

Beef Up Security

Another aspect not to be overlooked is security. Threats common to commercial properties include fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, hackers, and intruders. Eliminate isolating spots on your property, provide adequate outdoor lighting, and have secure Internet access.

Reach Out

Once you have evaluated your audience and how you can improve your property, make those changes to appeal to your desired tenants, and reach out with the good news. Make your property easy to find online and openly showcase all it offers. 

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