Tips for Creating A Pet Policy For Commercial Spaces

How to Successfully Move Your Pets into Your New Home

A pet policy is an essential aspect of a leasing agreement. However, these policies are only sometimes adequately detailed when presented to prospective tenants, leading to confusion and misunderstandings. Therefore, property managers must create a clear and concise pet policy that outlines expectations and rules for a pet policy for your commercial lease

Ask The Right Questions

When meeting a potential tenant, it is important to meet their pet before signing a lease. This initial meeting will allow you to observe the pet’s behavior and how the tenant interacts with and controls them. During this meeting, it is important to ask critical questions such as whether the pet has a history of damaging property or is aggressive towards humans or other animals. Additionally, you should ask who will be responsible for the pet and what protocol will be followed. By asking these critical questions, you can evaluate the potential risks the pet may pose to other tenants in your building and understand the pet’s history.

Consider A Refundable Deposit 

It is recommended that landlords who allow pets charge a refundable deposit and clearly outline the terms of the deposit in their pet policy. This includes explaining the circumstances under which the deposit would be refunded, such as good pet behavior. It is important to determine a reasonable and significant deposit amount to encourage responsible pet ownership and deter any potential damage caused by pets.

Outline the Specifics of Permitted Pet Sizes and Breeds

When creating a pet policy, specifying the permitted pet sizes and breeds is essential. However, it is also important to include additional guidelines, such as the types of pets allowed, the number of pets permitted, whether only recorded pets are allowed, and whether a no-pets policy is in place. Incorporating these specifications into your pet policy will enable you to prepare for various circumstances involving your tenants while accurately managing expectations for their pets.

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