3 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Boring Rental Kitchen

rental kitchen

Loving your boring rental kitchen is easier than you think!

Whenever you are renting a space, your kitchen decor may be suffering. In fact, there is plenty you can do even as a renter to make your rental kitchen feel more like a place you want to spend your time in than a place that you avoid. Here are a few easy tips and tricks that can quickly brighten up and refresh your boring kitchen.

Add A Radiant, Colorful, And Bright Rug

Adding a gorgeously bold rug to your kitchen can immediately revive the room. In fact, the bolder the better when it comes to rejuvenating a kitchen from drab to fab. More often than not, basic rental kitchens have dark wood tones creating a drab and dark feel within the room. Therefore, using bright pops of color like orange or red are best to revive a boring rental kitchen.

Create Personality By Adding Color

The best way to give a boring rental kitchen some personality is by infusing it with pops of bright, bold colors. For example, painting your stools a bright red is a wonderful way to incorporate color into your boring rental kitchen. Your kitchen is the one spot you want to avoid using neutrals in, especially if you already find it dull and drab. Pulling up a few trendy and colorfully bright stools to your kitchen counter or island is a great way to refresh the look of your rental kitchen.

Decorate Your Window With A Patterned Curtain

When dealing with a boring rental kitchen you want to avoid the desire to be subtle. This is your chance to infuse your personality into the space. Adding a beautifully patterned curtain to your window will infuse the space with some pizazz. In fact, hanging complementary hardware is give your rental kitchen the life it needs to make you finally enjoy spending quality time preparing meals.

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