Five Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Office Building

Clagett-Enterprises-Spring-MaintenanceOffice buildings are important places of business that require great care and attention. Although a well-constructed commercial building may remain in good condition for many years, it must be maintained yearly to ensure your tenants’ safety, health, and satisfaction. In return, you will earn an excellent reputation and a steady income. Here are some helpful tips for properly taking care of your office space.

The Exterior Of Your Office Building

The outer part of a building comprises the roof, windows, doors, parking lot, sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping. Like a house, the roof and windows may deteriorate over time and require repair or replacement. Roofs can fall apart, while windows can develop water seepage. Hardscapes such as asphalt parking lots can develop cracks and break down quickly, necessitating sealing or repaving. Lighting helps with visibility and movement on the walkways, while landscaping enhances the overall aesthetics. Since the outer part of an office building is the first thing people see, keeping it attractive and appealing is vital.

Your Front Entrance

It’s vital to ensure that any areas of your building accessible to the public, such as lobbies and hallways, are clean and presentable. Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean these spaces, as well as any office suites, can help to maintain their appearance. Additionally, inspecting the floors, walls, and other fixtures is important to ensure they are in good condition. To further enhance the appearance of these areas, consider displaying local artwork on the walls.

Electronic Lifts And Stairs

Regular inspection and maintenance of elevators and stairs are essential to ensure proper functioning and safety. This is especially crucial for the well-being of those who use them. The cleaning staff cares for these areas and the rest of the building. Adequate lighting must be provided to ensure visibility and prevent accidents.

Enhance Your Security Measures

To ensure the safety of your tenants, it is crucial to have proper security systems in place to maintain the integrity of your building. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your business building won’t be broken into. To reduce this risk, you can opt for a licensed security company to assess your property and develop a comprehensive plan to ensure its safety.

HVAC Maintenance

Your tenants’ health depends on the temperature, relative humidity, and ventilation inside your building. It’s imperative to regularly inspect and clean commercial HVAC systems and air ducts to prevent dust, mold, and health issues.

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