Four Helpful Tips For Pricing Commercial Property

Clagett Enterprises Pricing Commercial PropertyDetermining the price of a commercial property can be a complex task and requires careful consideration. The feasible price that the property could earn in a competitive market is an important factor that can encourage potential buyers or sellers to show interest. Generally, there are three popular methods for appraising the price of a commercial property, and the choice of approach depends on the specific investment situation. In this regard, it is essential to know how to start pricing a commercial property and understand the details of these three methods.

Using Income

One commonly used approach for pricing commercial property is the Income Approach, also known as the Capitalization Approach. This approach estimates the value of a property by calculating its income using the cap rate, which is the net operating income divided by the current sales price of the property. The Income Approach effectively adjusts for factors like comparable sales and is used for any property that generates a predictable income. However, it fails to consider future repairs, vacancies, and collection loss, which can affect the property’s value.

The Cost Approach

When determining the value of a commercial property, there are different approaches to consider. One such approach is the Replacement Cost Approach, also known as the Cost Approach. This method involves assessing the value of the land on which the building is constructed, as well as the cost of building an identical building, and then factoring in the property’s depreciated value. While this approach provides a current value that considers unique criteria, it doesn’t account for future income or comparable property prices. 

Market Value

The sales comparison, also known as the comparative approach, is considered one of the simplest methods of commercial property valuation. It involves comparing your property with similar properties within the same market in terms of use and size. Doing so can establish a range of values, and minor adjustments can be made based on the condition of your building or any other external factors. This approach is straightforward, and it is what a purchaser might pay in an open and competitive market. It is often used as a starting point for negotiations and can provide a reasonable initial estimate of the property’s value.

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